Brighton Agency

Consumer Packaged Goods:Engaging consumers at shelf and beyond

From pet food to frozen vegetables, Brighton’s consumer packaged goods experience includes a variety of categories and makes full use of our integrated marketing expertise. Beginning with packaging, Brighton understands the importance of capturing the consumer at the shelf with compelling visuals and a compelling story. We also understand that the relationship with the consumer begins much sooner and continues much longer than the purchase itself.

We work with our clients to develop marketing plans that build awareness through traditional and digital touchpoints and help drive recommendation and loyalty through social media and more.

Retail environments are crowded and frequently confusing for consumers. We look for ways to break through the noise and connect consumers to our brands with an emotionally engaging story and education about the value of the brand. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

At Brighton, we dig deep into your audience’s mindset to find a key insight that will drive purchase behavior. Whether that leads to in-store brand ambassadors, online “transparent sourcing” tools, on-shelf video, or something else depends on what’s right for the audience, the environment and the brand.

Whatever your consumer challenge is, let us show you how we can create a lasting connection between your brand and your consumers.


We use these insights to create everything from emotionally compelling packaging and eye-catching store displays to inspiring awareness campaigns and engaging associate training. From rapping dogs and animated dog chews to comprehensive social media campaigns with hilarious YouTube influencer videos, let us show you how we connect pet parents with some of the best pet brands.