Brighton Agency


Marketing today needs far more than brilliant creative ideas and solid media planning — the traditional stuff of ad campaigns and marketing plans. Today’s brands must effectively communicate in an always-on, multi-screen world with increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable consumers. And that requires insights into your audience and a strategic plan that engages them when and where they want with the information at each moment of their experience.

At Brighton, strategic planning is a collaborative process — across the agency and with you and your team. We begin with a solid understanding of your brand and key insights about your customers, often using our Brand Dimension process. We then identify the key performance indicators for your business and create a plan for measuring success. Finally, we craft a plan for engagement. Whether it’s a campaign, new packaging, an updated identity or a comprehensive content strategy, we know that solid upfront thinking is the best predictor of future success.

Seamless Integration

At Brighton we bring together the best part of a consulting firm — practical insight — and the best part of an ad agency — inspired imagination — to help our clients think differently about their brand, their customers and the best ways to bring them together. We call it Applied Imagination.