Market Research and Analytics

Market Research and Analytics

Brighton collaborates with clients to define market opportunities and challenges, from how your competitors are targeting consumers to where you have the most potential for growth. It’s been said that one clear insight is worth a thousand data points. Our goal in using market research is to go beyond the statistics, numbers and data to uncover the true insights of what your audience is really thinking and feeling. From there, we can best understand the clear and emotional reasons that move your customers from being merely users of your product to brand champions.

Our quantitative research capabilities include expertise in traditional and online data collection, with sophisticated analysis and predictive modeling. For qualitative research, our team includes experienced focus group and telefocus group moderators as well as in-depth interviewers who are comfortable using a variety of exploratory and projective techniques.

We also partner with best-in-class local and global market research partners to provide additional technical expertise, domain knowledge and geographic reach.


At Brighton, we believe that analytics help you understand the real impact of your marketing strategy, your marketing content and provide immensely valuable insights. Our EngagementIQ process begins by identifying and measuring the key performance indicators that are meaningful to your business and then building an analytics program to monitor the impact that marketing is having—creating a feedback loop for constant improvement.

While measurement of past performance is an important ingredient to ongoing improvement, we also believe that data and analytics can be most valuable when looking forward. Whether you’re planning a media campaign or looking for deeper understanding of your audience or market, our analytics team can uncover the insights that will inspire memorable and impactful marketing.


We firmly believe that driving change requires a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach. And we have the skillsets and experience to plan and deliver across the entire spectrum of communications.