Advertising and Promotions

Advertising and Promotions

Advertising continues to be the quickest and most efficient way to reach a large audience, generating awareness and establishing brand equity. Unlike the “spray and pray” approach of the old advertising agency model, Brighton believes that effective advertising requires clarity of the communications objective, a defined advertising message and clear expectation of the desired response. Brighton’s team of experienced marketers, strategists, creatives and media planners will help you develop your advertising plan and deliver advertising that works.

Our creative and production capabilities include:

Brighton creates multidimensional campaigns designed to build awareness, build long-term equity or drive short-term objectives.


Promotional programs that generate results require a clear understanding of the role of promotion within the mix of any marketing campaign. Short-term promotions that drive immediate customer response or long-term repeat campaigns designed to build loyalty over time can both play important roles in strengthening the customer/company relationship. Today, every promotion must be measured and evaluated against a defined performance objective. At Brighton, we help clients define these goals, objectives and measurements, and then create the programs that deliver the desired customer response.

We create promotions and targeted initiative programs with:

We also know the importance of a well-prepared sales force and how to support them with:

Brighton approaches each campaign focused on delivering the right message to the right audience through the appropriate medium.


We firmly believe that driving change requires a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach. And we have the skillsets and experience to plan and deliver across the entire spectrum of communications.