Deltapine refreshes already successful “Performance and Place” print ad campaign, expanding and broadening impact on farmers
Deltapine, a cotton seed brand owned by Monsanto, looked to build on the significant market share increase it had experienced the previous year by evolving its already successful “Performance and Place” print ad campaign. Brighton helped to expand the campaign, which was designed to link the superior performance of Deltapine cotton varieties with local imagery recognizable by farmers throughout the targeted geography, to broaden its impact and keep imagery fresh throughout the life of the effort. Overall qualitative feedback on the campaign was positive, with testing showing that the audience found the ads more believable, pertinent and engaging than traditional advertising encountered in other agricultural publications.


Acceleron Seed Treatment utilizes cross-sell plan to encourage sales of additional products within their portfolio
While offering benefits on any soybean variety, Acceleron Seed Treatment Products are the only seed treatments designed to help maximize the performance potential of high-performance Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans. In order to encourage sales of additional products within the company’s portfolio among existing customers, Brighton developed a plan to cross-sell Acceleron Seed Treatment Products to existing Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield customers. In order to cross-sell the products without distracting the farmer away from the core brand messages for Acceleron, Brighton designed a visual mnemonic for both print and direct-mail pieces that communicated the protection of Acceleron in the context of the ultimate goal of Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans: yield. For the direct mail piece specifically, it was designed and produced with a unique die-cut, interactive design and clear-envelope that ensured the piece demanded attention in the mail box.


Unconventional print ad sets new California Natural formulas apart; highlights unique health benefits and novel proteins
After the successful launch of its California Natural Grain Free product line in 2010, Natura Pet Products announced the addition of two new Grain Free formulas for dogs in 2011. To support the addition of the Kangaroo & Red Lentils and Salmon Meal & Peas formulas to the California Natural line, Brighton designed a print ad featuring road signs and mixed landscape imagery to help direct the reader’s attention straight to the unique health benefits and novel proteins featured within each product. The use of such distinct imagery strategically set the products apart other animal focused visuals used within pet enthusiast publications where the ad was mainly inserted.


EVO print ad promotes equity campaign by illustrating the similarities between EVO pet food formulas and the ancestral diet of the wild wolf or feline
EVO, a grain-free, low carbohydrate, and protein-rich pet food from Natura Pet Products, launched an equity campaign to promote the unique ancestral attributes of the brand by encouraging pet owners to “Feed the Carnivore Within.” As part of the campaign, Brighton created a visually stunning print ad that depicts the natural hunter hidden beneath the domesticated house-cat or dog. Brighton also created pie charts to compare the dog and cat EVO diet to that of a wolf or wild feline to further illustrate the similarities between ancestral diets and EVO pet food formulas.


Print ads highlight Innova’s real, farm-fresh ingredients; drive trial in new markets
In April 2011, P&G Pet Care and Natura announced that the Innova line of products would be made available to big box pet specialty stores including PetSmart and PETCO. To boost brand awareness, create demand and drive trial among big box consumers as Innova expanded distribution, Brighton designed a full page print ad that ran in national pet enthusiast publications, such as Dog Fancy and Animal Wellness, from July through December 2011. This print ad featured strong visuals of Innova’s real, farm-fresh ingredients, allowing pet parents to see that with Innova, pet parents can feed their pets “right.”


FURminator drives awareness of new products with consumer ad campaign
FURminator, the company known for its innovative solutions to prevent pet shedding, has recently announced a number of new product offerings to position themselves as the #1 premium brand in complete skin and coat care in the pet specialty category. Looking to generate interest in their new line of FUR Dry dog-drying towels, as well as other innovations including their small animal grooming tools, Brighton developed trade and consumer print campaigns that focused on the primary product benefits and premium positioning of the FURminator brand to encourage consumers to start their pets on a lifelong grooming routine.


Horizon Ag refreshes campaign materials to elevate visibility and increase brand loyalty
Based in Memphis, Tenn., Horizon Ag, LLC, the leader in soluble humus products, looked to develop a stronger brand through increased visibility and open communication with its rice seed customers. Brighton assisted Horizon Ag in refreshing its campaign materials by taking the original Horizon Ag logo and putting a fresh face on it with a more marketable tagline. This new look was then used across all Horizon Ag marketing and advertising tactics, including a new print ad, seed brochure and website home page redesign. Brighton also developed a marketing and communications strategy that has Horizon Ag talking to its customers on a year-round basis, greatly increasing the trust and brand loyalty that the company enjoys today.


Roundup Ready PLUS provides flash drive kit for media to assist with discussions about resistance
One of the challenges that many seed companies face deals not with the seeds themselves, but the seeds’ number one competitor -weeds. Because weed resistance is a hot topic in agriculture, there are numerous opportunities for incorrect information to spread about resistance. To assist Roundup Ready PLUS with a response for this challenge, Brighton utilized a multitude of resources to assist media with discussions about resistance. For quick turnaround, a flash drive was filled with resources for print, television, and radio media to utilize in their discussions. Employing subtle Roundup Ready PLUS Branding, it was loaded with an introduction about the development of resistance, photographs and videos about resistant weeds, media resources, and facts about the Roundup Ready PLUS platform, with the goal of helping media messengers learn more about problems that face all farmers, regardless of what system they use. The flash drive was attached to a Roundup Ready PLUS postcard and mailed to agriculture media in the Midwest. Follow-up phone calls revealed a surge in interest about weed resistance, and Monsanto representatives participated in media interviews in the following weeks.


3-in-1 Welding System Product Launch Positions Thermal Arc as a Thought Leader in Welding Technology
Last year, Thermal Arc, a world leader in arc welding technology, launched an innovative 3-in-1 Multi Process machine with Mig, Stick and Tig capabilities, To introduce this one-of-a-kind product to the market, Brighton produced materials for the sales team to promote the benefits of the Fabricator 181i, the first in the family of 3-in-1 machines. For this machine, Brighton created a 6', 3-sided banner stand to be located on the showroom floor of distributors, as well as a counter display to further promote a welding helmet give-away with every purchase. The launch was carried further through an ad campaign running in trade pubs which focused on the unique selling benefit of the 3-in-1 having all three welding processes in a single machine. Brighton also expanded the go-to market strategy with an updated website, adding a "Shop Talk" section to help promote Thermal Arc as the knowledge resource for all three welding processes. Since helping to introduce the 181i, Brighton has since aided in the launch of the Fabricator 252i and the Fabricator 211i. Thermal Arc continues to see sales increase for all three machines.


Blogger kits aid Innova in building brand loyalty among big box consumers.
In April 2011, P&G Pet Care and Natura announced that its Innova line of products would be made available to big box pet specialty stores including PetSmart and PETCO. To build brand awareness, create demand and drive trial among big box consumers, Brighton developed and delivered blogger kits to key online influencers who utilized contents for informational posts, reviews and giveaways. The kits visually supported Innova’s “farm-fresh” identity by resembling a farm crate full of fruits and vegetables; and contained treat samples, coupons for giveaway, informational handouts, and links to embeddable, shareable videos on YouTube.


Deltapine affirms commitment to cotton in Texas through community video contest for students
Deltapine, an industry leader in the cotton field, is committed to the success of West Texas cotton farmers and the communities in which these farmers live. To emphasize their commitment and heighten awareness of the importance of cotton in West Texas, Brighton assisted Deltapine in teaming up with cotton gins across the region to help host a video contest for Texas Future Farmers of America (FFA) Association student members. To enter the contest, FFA student members were encouraged to create videos of their experiences within the West Texas cotton community and post them online for public voting and sharing via Facebook, helping to provide additional educational opportunities for FFA student members regarding the importance of cotton to their state and communities. The contest, which was supported with public relations and online media tactics, led to ten different West Texas communities buzzing about the cotton industry and Deltapine cotton and over 50,000 online votes.


Innova launches social media presence to increase consumer awareness
In April 2011, P&G Pet Care and Natura announced that its Innova line of products would be made available to big box pet specialty stores including PetSmart and PETCO. To aid Innova in building consumer awareness, while educating big box consumers on its product offerings, Brighton established a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the brand. Now, with nearly 11,000 followers, the Innova social presence serves as a place for consumers to share thoughts, questions and their enthusiasm for Innova, while being carefully monitored by Brighton through the use of Radian6.


Multi-faceted public relations campaign helps FURminator successfully achieve media relations goals
Brighton proudly serves as the media relations representative for FURminator, the pet product company that reduces shedding up to 90 percent with its innovative deShedding tool. Our multi-faceted program with FURminator includes maintaining relationships with the 100 most influential pet bloggers, organizing product reviews and novel activities such as a National Hairball Awareness Day contest, and obtaining high profile placements with traditional media outlets such as The Washington Post, People Pets, The Early Show on CBS, The Martha Stewart Show and Animal Planet.


Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36 showcases community contributions through public relations program
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36 is a labor organization specializing in architectural, industrial, commercial and residential HVAC craftsmanship in the construction industry. The organization turned to Brighton to develop and manage a Public Relations program to showcase the many contributions made by Local 36 to the business community. High profile media placements demonstrate the highly skilled aspects of Local 36’s workforce; how the organization enables Missouri and Arkansas contractors to construct, install and operate the nation’s most technologically advanced equipment; and how a partnership with Local 36 can help a company grow.


Washington University’s Olin Business School evolves online presence
Looking to better communicate Olin’s premium positioning as a top tier business school, and engage students, alumni and recruiters in the creation of a new website for the Weston Career Center, Brighton produced a video detailing the upcoming website project, asking students for their help in evolving the online presence for the Olin Business School. An email blast delivered to students linked them to the new microsite and video, as well as delivered a survey on current site usage. Brighton is currently working with Olin to re-envision their online strategy including a newly designed website, social media efforts, SEO and paid search campaign, as well as refine Olin’s traditional advertising and media campaigns to more effectively reach their target audience and drive admissions.


Humorous animation conveys playful spirit of Innova while educating parents about its unique sourcing and manufacturing process
In April 2011, P&G Pet Care and Natura announced that the Innova line of products would be made available to big box pet specialty stores including PetSmart and PETCO. Since Innova was new to the already crowded big box pet specialty sector, Brighton knew that it was essential to help set Innova apart from other holistic, natural pet products, while increasing brand awareness, belief and loyalty with consumers. To help teach pet parents about Innova’s unique sourcing and manufacturing process, while using humorous animation to reflect the simple, playful spirit of the brand, Brighton wrote and animated the “Farm to the Bag” video for bloggers and consumers as shareable branded entertainment.


Innova challenges pet parents to rethink what they put in their pet’s bowl in 30-second TV spot
In April 2011, P&G Pet Care and Natura announced that its Innova line of products would be made available to big box pet specialty stores including PetSmart and PETCO. To build brand awareness, create demand and drive trial among big box consumers, Brighton wrote and produced a 30-second TV spot that showcased Innova’s natural ingredients like farm-fresh apples and carrots, challenging pet parents to rethink what they put in their pet’s bowl. This TV spot aired on network and cable TV from May through October 2011, and was also displayed in stores and online to further initiate trial.


Television spot links yield advantage of Deltapine to local imagery, highlighting commitment to Texas
Deltapine, a cotton seed brand owned by Monsanto, has made gains in the important Texas cotton market by emphasizing the superior performance of its varieties and its unmatched commitment to the state of Texas and its farmers. To extend this effort, Brighton created a television spot for Deltapine, which linked the yield advantage of Deltapine varieties with local imagery immediately recognizable to Texas audiences, from Friday night football games, to well-known landmarks and the local county courthouse. Audiences responded with a better understanding of Deltapine cotton varieties bred to perform in Texas, relating to the Texas-centric, iconic imagery that uniquely defines this important cotton producing state.


Monsanto sends real-time harvest results to farmers through multiple interactive mediums
Monsanto Company desired a quicker and more effective way to communicate local harvest results to farmers and retailers. Working with teams from Monsanto’s DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine seed brands, Brighton developed a flexible, automated web application to ensure accuracy of plot data and increased speed in order to generate and publish localized harvest communications via email, text message, website maps and direct mail. The web application not only allowed automated content creation for data-specific html emails and text messages, but also serves as the online management tool for various users to have real-time access to manage their portion of the process.


Monsanto’s Nebraska Learning Center virtually comes to life to help draw in-person tours
The Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center is a research farm that works to provide answers and solutions to current questions and issues raised in production agriculture while placing an emphasis on water utilization. The center looked to find a way to demonstrate the in-person experience of touring the learning center to farmers hundreds miles away while building awareness and driving additional on-site visitors. Brighton stepped up to the challenge and created a virtual tour where farmers attending the Husker Harvest Days tradeshow in Grand Island, NE got to experience and explore current research topics through an interactive touchscreen plasma of eight key demonstration areas. The demonstration areas were highlighted with photos, data charts and video, giving farmers a strong sense of what they could expect to see at the actual research farm. The process further helped to generate sign-ups for in-person tours, a bigger objective for the learning center.


Seminis® reaches growers with interactive, real-time plot tour
Seminis®, a vegetable seed company owned by Monsanto, launched Performance Series™ sweet corn in March 2011. In order to distribute pertinent product information out to growers around the United States, Brighton designed and launched a microsite that showcased the Performance Series sweet corn line. To give growers deeper insight into the new sweet corn hybrids, the microsite featured an actual plot from Florida, allowing growers to view each stage of the growing process in real-time; from planting to harvest. The microsite assisted Seminis in driving growers and dealers to get seek more information about their products, and helped build awareness for the new Performance Series brand.


Deltapine attracts farmer tradeshow-attendees with interactive touchscreen game
With any tradeshow, it’s important to stand out and earn more visitors than the competition. At the Beltwide Cotton Conference, Deltapine cotton was faced with this very challenge. Using cotton imagery from the Deltapine regional ad campaigns, Brighton created a photo hunt game on a 65" touch screen that was well positioned in the Deltapine booth to give “gamers” plenty of room to play with multiple friends and for other passer-byers to see the Deltapine booth was well attended. The game created a fun and educational experience at the booth, while giving Deltapine a leg up on the competition by leveraging interactive principles to stand out at the show, and gaining more traffic from farmer attendees.


California Natural fosters consumer/brand interaction through micro-site, Rotatewithconfidence.com
After the successful launch of its California Natural Grain Free product line in 2010, Natura Pet Products announced the addition of two new Grain Free formulas for dogs in 2011. With these new formulas, Natura now offers pet parents the opportunity to rotate proteins regularly within their product line. Because rotational feeding is a relatively new feeding philosophy, Brighton produced a micro-site (www.rotatewithconfidence.com) educating consumers on what rotational feeding means and how it works. An interactive tool on the homepage allows consumers to rotate through the various protein choices on screen, learning about the benefits and unique attributes of each formula. Additional pages on the site offer product details on the grain free line and a retailer search so that visitors can find the most convenient place to purchase California Natural products.


FURminator engages consumers and drives sales with newly designed e-commerce website
FURminator Pet Products, the leader in the pet deshedding category, tapped Brighton to redesign and build its new website in 2010. Looking to more clearly brand its line of tools and consumables, as well as allow consumers to more easily find and purchase their products, Brighton created a new website with e-commerce functionality as well as developed a plan to drive awareness of the site through FURminator’s social media outlets, paid search and banner advertising in pet related sites. In addition to the FURminator site, Brighton also created a new website for the FurGOpet line of products that was launched under the FURminator brand to mass market retailers.


Interactive website focused on transparency inspires trust and loyalty amongst Natura consumers
Natura Pet Producers centers itself around its commitment pillars which include high-quality ingredients, innovation, manufacturing excellence and food safety. To help build awareness and educate consumers on Natura’s unwavering commitment to the core values of pet nutrition, Brighton designed a multifaceted website based on Natura’s commitment pillars that uses interactive maps to share the regions where ingredients are sourced. By integrating geo-mapping technologies with quality focused content, the transparency website effectively illustrates Natura’s transparent manufacturing processes, as well as inspires trust and loyalty for consumers who are invited to find his or her specific formula to learn exactly where each ingredient in the bag came from.


California Natural utilizes existing messaging and brand identity in package design to build off existing brand equity while promoting new products
After the successful launch of its California Natural Grain Free product line in 2010, Natura Pet Products introduced new Grain Free Kangaroo & Red Lentils and Salmon Meal & Peas formulas for dogs in 2011. In order to promote the unique health benefits of each new product while remaining consistent with the existing California Natural Grain Free messaging and brand identity, Brighton carefully selected dog breeds that best represented the unique attributes of the new formulas along with a location that captured the California equity of the existing grain free line. Photos on the packaging where taken by Brighton at Mount Shasta and Joshua Tree National Park in California in order to strategically capture the beautiful landscapes desired for the packaging. Focused marketing copy and formula specific color pallets for each bag further helped to differentiate each formula while keeping an overall consistent tone.


New packaging with strong protein-focused photography defines Innova PRIME line extension while reflecting Innova equity
In 2011, Natura Pet Products announced its intention to launch a grain free line extension to the existing Innova family of natural dog and cat foods. The product line extension was to be introduced as a new line of grain free products that embody the farm-fresh Innova philosophy while supporting pets with grain sensitivities. In order to promote the protein-focused, grain-free philosophy of the Innova PRIME products while still maintaining original Innova brand equities, Brighton produced completely original packaging designs for these products. This new packaging utilizes original photography snapped in Washington State of farm imagery and morning light to reflect Innova equity while using strong protein-focused photography to define Innova PRIME within the Innova family. Warm color schemes and brand-focused packaging messaging further help to achieve the essential “farm-fresh” character of Innova while setting the new line apart.


FURminator delivers more presence at shelf with premium new packaging
FURminator Pet Products, the leader in the pet deShedding category, expanded their line of deShedding tools in 2011 to broaden and enhance the FURminator deShedding experience for pet owners and their animal companions. As part of this expansion, FURminator looked to offer consumers a better branded and more premium look through their packaging. Brighton rebranded the FURminator line of tools and consumables to better communicate and differentiate the various SKU’s to consumers, allowing retailers to more easily merchandize the products.


Automated, personalized outreach helps Growing Knowledge deliver time sensitive, targeted notifications to farmers
Growing Knowledge, a unit of Monsanto, sought a more time efficient way to send personalized emails to farmers in 300 unique territories. So that Growing Knowledge could better reach farmers without the hassle of a manual customization process, Brighton built an email solution to automate and personalize their outreach, decreasing time spent on customization by 1000%. In addition to allowing sales reps to connect on a closer level to subscribers though email personalization, the platform increased open and click through rates for emails to well above industry standards.


Thermadyne boosts website visibility through strategic SEO campaign
Thermadyne, a global manufacturer and marketer of metal welding and cutting products and accessories, lacked website visibility despite having recently updated its website from a visual and organizational standpoint. To increase online presence and drive organic traffic to their updated site, Brighton developed a six month SEO campaign for Thermadyne based off extensive keyword research and benchmark reports. As a result of the SEO efforts, rankings increased on average by 41% each month over the 6 month campaign period, with an overall 240% increase in first page rankings and 387% increase in number of overall search rankings on Thermadyne’s targeted keywords.


Scottrade optimizes paid search techniques to decrease costs, increase lead generation
As a leader in the online brokerage category, and top spender among US online banking firms, Scottrade requires consistent professional management of its paid search accounts as a means of cost-effective lead generation. Scottrade engaged Brighton to manage its Google Account as well as re-organize and expand its MSN and Yahoo! campaigns as a way to acquire new customer leads while still obtaining specific ROI goals. Through optimization of its bids, landing pages and ad copy across Google, MSN and Yahoo!, Brighton was able to lower the average cost per lead for Scottrade by 15.32%, while increasing leads by 17.4% when compared to the same time period in the year prior.


Scottrade builds online presence through the use of eye-catching, relatable ad displays
Scottrade, a leading online investing firm, purchased ad space on a number of well-known websites as a way to capture the attention of a larger audience and build online presence. To help ensure that Scottrade did not get lost in the clutter of these highly trafficked sites, Brighton designed a number of eye-catching banners that spoke to both the interests of the site audience and the real-time trading capabilities of the Scottrade brand. To connect with sports fans, Brighton built an all-star themed ad for use on www.STLCardinals.com, which was displayed during the week of the All-Star game in St. Louis, as well as an ad which highlighted the connection between trading and fantasy football that was featured during peak football season on NFL.com. In July of 2009, as Yahoo prepared to unveil its re-designed homepage, Brighton also designed for Scottrade a bold and powerful web banner to gain the attention of the anticipated 3 million visitors to the re-designed site.


Paid search aids Victor Technologies in seeing higher conversions at a lesser cost
Last year, Thermal Arc, a world leader in arc welding technology, launched the Fabricator 181i, the first in a series of innovative 3-in-1 Multi Process machine with Mig, Stick and Tig capabilities. To introduce this one-of-a-kind product to the market, while positioning Thermal Arc as a knowledge resource for beginner and intermediate welders, Brighton developed a “Shop Talk” section for the Thermal Arc website. To help promote the Thermal Arc “Shop Talk” section, Brighton activated a Google paid search account to achieve the desired increase in traffic for the site. Over a 6 month period, Brighton optimized account structure, ad messaging and bids across Google. During this time, the cost per conversion lowered by 13% and the conversion rate increased by 18%. Since introducing Fabricator 181i, Brighton has initiated an “always on” strategy with Thermal arc and re-launched the paid search account to help introduce the launch of Fabricator 252i and Fabricator 211i.


Monsanto gives farmers a look at American agriculture over time: yesterday, today, and the possibilities of tomorrow
America’s farmers have come a long way since 1970. They’ve overcome numerous challenges and, knowing they have a growing world to feed, have set big goals for tomorrow. Working closely with Monsanto, Brighton brought to life the Monsanto Technology Tour at the 2012 Farm Progress Show which emphasized the innovations and solutions scientists and farmers have made working together for over 60 years, as well as what’s to come with the next generation of traits and hybrids. The 30 minute conversational-style script allowed tour-goers to “walk down memory lane” as well as share personal stories with one another by pinning personal notes to message boards. Filled with a wealth of knowledge and the Monsanto product pipeline, this tour received a good to very good impression with 75% of the farmers who attended.


Deltapine shows strong presence at one of the top conferences in the cotton industry
The Beltwide Cotton Conferences is held yearly in January and was the cotton industry’s first peek at the 2011 cotton production season. Each year, Deltapine cotton has been able to leverage this tradeshow to announce the new Deltapine Class varieties and yield advantage numbers for the season. Brighton designed graphics, developed content and carefully cultivated the placement of targeted messages to best fit within Deltapine’s objectives for the show – to launch the new Class of 11 varieties along with regional yield numbers for that year’s harvest. This key, decision-making information paired with striking visuals engaged farmers into conversations with Deltapine representatives, where farmers were able to get personalized attention and recommendations for which varieties were the right fit for their farm.


In-depth resource kit educates both farmers and retailers on benefits of Acceleron brand
Within their marketing efforts, Acceleron Seed Treatment Products faced a three-pronged sales challenge: differentiate the product in a marketplace overcrowded with competitive seed treatment options; educate farmers who were largely indifferent to seed treatment use in soybeans about the benefits; and equip retailers with the knowledge and tools they needed to successfully service their own customers’ seed treatment needs. To help answer all three of these challenges, Brighton created an in-depth resource kit for retailers that contained point-of-sales materials intended to break through the clutter, attracting farmers’ attention to the brand and establishing the retailer’s expertise while kicking off the conversation between the retailer and grower. In additional to sales materials, the kit contained technical and promotional items that explained the benefits of seed treatment products, as well as print and electronic reference resources to educate the retailer about the market segment and all aspects of the product – from handling and storage to performance results and field testing.


California Natural emphasizes benefits of new product offerings through effective point-of-sales materials
Two new additions to the California Natural Grain Free line in 2011 offered consumers the opportunity to rotate proteins regularly within the California Natural Grain Free line of products. To support the launch of these two new products, as well as spread awareness for the “Rotate with Confidence” campaign, Brighton produced a variety of effective point-of-sale materials. From interactive wheels explaining the benefits and unique attributes of each formula, to eye-catching floor and end cap displays, Brighton helped build strong campaign support that showcases the options available to consumers and the benefits of rotating within the California Natural line. Brighton further developed ad slicks, shelf talkers and a retailer window display to boost awareness and interest in store.


FURminator grows leadership position with new line of tools and premium in-store displays
FURminator Pet Products, the leader in the pet deshedding category, expanded their line of deShedding tools in 2011 to broaden and enhance the FURminator deShedding experience for pet owners and their animal companions. In order to introduce consumers to the expanded tool line, FURminator sought new merchandizing to better display the breadth of the tools and their benefits in-store. Brighton developed a re-concept and re-design strategy for the FURminator shelf presence in order to generate awareness and drive profit with both new and existing consumers.