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17th December '14

Why Pictures Are Not Worth a Thousand Words (In 457 Words)

Brian Hopson

You’ve heard the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. What you probably haven’t heard is the origin. It’s actually from 1911, when a newspaper editor famously told his colleagues, “Use a picture; it’s worth a thousand words.” But what he meant and what his words came to mean...

10th December '14

Five Things to Do When Even YOU Have Stopped Looking at Your Own Website

Mary Barber

As a baby boomer, I have many friends and business contacts who have built successful professional practices and businesses by thinking long term and building the value of their enterprise for the next generation. And, while a little gray hair and a few fine lines speak volumes... (Read More)

2nd December '14

Brighton Social Agenda: December 2014 Marketing & Design Events

Megan Kimball

The holiday season is officially here! People say this every year, but the holiday season is not about snagging an awesome deal on Cyber Monday (even though that is an awesome feeling), it’s really about celebrating the season with friends and family. There are tons of holiday events this year...

25th November '14

Top 6 Mistakes when Marketing to Millennials

Reigan Massey

So you want to market to Millennials. At this point, who wouldn’t? Recent studies have shown that Millennials will constitute roughly 1/3 of the population and 50% of the US workforce in 2020. They are aware of the consumer market, have a knack for technology that is so powerful...