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9th October '14

Brighton Social Agenda: October 2014 Marketing and Design Events

Megan Kimball

Fall is a fantastic time to reinvest in your passions, meet new friends and open your mind to new experiences. With the weather finally getting a bit cooler, let’s find an excuse to be inside! Below, you’ll find a list of marketing, design and social media events to add to your calendar this month!

7th October '14

October in St. Louis

Ken Ohlemeyer

Well, it’s October in St. Louis and that can only mean one thing – post-season baseball! Once again, our beloved St. Louis Cardinals have scraped and clawed their way to National League Central Division champs and are back in the big show.

30th September '14

“I’ve got this big blob of stuff…”

Scott McClure

In farm magazines popular when I was a young editor, one of the most-read features was the recipe page, with its eye-catching photo of a mouth-watering, homemade dish, followed by detailed directions to achieve the culinary masterpiece.

23rd September '14

A Person of the Year, a Boxer, and a Backpacker Walk into an Agency...

Martina Boyter

Familiar with that one? Read our Q & A's with Bryan, Mallory and Steven to get the punch line. We are excited to welcome these three individuals to Brighton.