Brighton Agency


Brighton has been focused on pet care almost since our beginning. From startup companies to household names, our experience includes a wide variety of brands and categories such as premium pet food, pet grooming accessories and pet pharmaceuticals.

This variety of brands and products has built our deep understanding of the industry — from manufacturing to retail to vets and media. And it has allowed us to become well acquainted with pet parents from all walks of life. The time our team spends with pet parents at events, in research sessions and in their homes helps us keep their needs and emotions at the forefront of our insights and thinking.

We help our clients connect with pet parents because we are pet parents.

We use these insights to create everything from emotionally compelling packaging and eye-catching store displays to inspiring awareness campaigns and engaging associate training. From rapping dogs and animated dog chews to comprehensive social media campaigns with hilarious YouTube influencer videos, let us show you how we connect pet parents with some of the best pet brands.