Brighton Agency

Farm and Field: Deep Roots in Agriculture

Brighton’s agricultural roots run deep. Throughout our 25-year history, we’ve maintained close ties to agriculture, bringing to bear our unique knowledge and expertise for clients from industry leaders to start-ups, from working with industry advocacy groups to supporting important agricultural initiatives.

Beginning with Sandoz Agro in 1989, Brighton has worked to connect the best brands in agriculture — BASF, Monsanto and Phibro to name a few — with their farmer customers in every region of the country. Our heritage of award-winning work extends from seed and crop protection to the latest in biologicals and precision farming technology and has allowed us to build a top ten agriculture marketing agency.

Our relationship with industry leaders like Monsanto provides a good illustration of how we typically grow our business. Brighton became the agency of record for Delta and Pine Land Company (D&PL) in 2004. When Monsanto acquired D&PL in 2007, Brighton was retained as the agency of record at the recommendation of D&PL senior leadership, based on our unique knowledge of the industry and performance as a trusted agency partner. Since that time, our work has resulted in significant growth, and today we work with Monsanto across a variety of key brands, including Deltapine® cotton, Roundup Ready Crop Protection®, WestBred® wheat, and many others.

Over the years, we’ve played important roles in some of the industry’s most successful launches and marketing campaigns, combining innovative thinking with creative, cutting-edge tactics that resonate with our audiences. Brighton’s current assignments include all of the top seven U.S. cash crops — corn, cotton, hay, grain sorghum, soybeans, wheat and rice — as well as chemistry, equipment and animal nutrition, giving us unique insight into various agronomic practices, along with farmer insights on a broad range of issues.

We’re enthusiastic about the industry we serve. It’s why many of us have dedicated our lives to working with farmers and ranchers and the businesses that supply and support them. It’s why we serve in leadership positions within industry organizations and support efforts to advance our industry’s messages to farm and non-farm audiences. And it’s why Brighton serves the industry as a NAMA Sustaining Partner.

We help our clients connect with farmers because we are connected with farmers.

Our Ag Practice group includes industry leaders with extensive backgrounds and careers in agriculture. The team brings not only the hard-won knowledge gained on the frontlines of ag marketing but also the personal experiences that come from living and working on farms and talking with farmers across the country every day. We help our clients connect with farmers because we are connected with farmers.