Brighton’s 2019 Zufallig – A Pictorial Quiz

2019 marks Brighton's 30th year in “The Business of Creativity.” If you know us at all, you’re well aware that we like a good celebration now and then, and our favorite is Brighton’s annual Zufallig, held in the agency each October. This year’s Zufallig (German for “random”) featured lots of fun party features, enjoyed by our clients, colleagues and agency friends who helped us celebrate our pearl anniversary.

Below, a few event photos. Can you guess what is taking place in each?

1. What is this man doing?

A) Taking a home DNA test
B) Being hazed by mischievous Brightonians
C) Making balloon animals with his nose (and swallowing nails and a sword) in the name of entertainment

2. These people are cheering because _____

A) They’re oddly excited about the fall solstice
B) They are enthusiastically cheering on tiny, racing rodents
C) They can’t wait to enter their timesheets on Monday


3. Dinner is served! Zufallig fare included this:

A) Mexican bar with a delicious fountain of molten cheese
B) Modern art
C) It’s the Brighton drinking fountain. Is it not supposed to look like this?

4. What is transpiring here:

A) A sign magically lit up when this party-goer finished his 30th cocktail
B) You’re witnessing a new, interpretive dance, founded here at Brighton
C) Clients, Brightonians and friends of Brighton are having a blast and celebrating 30 years of the business of creativity

5. What are these revelers toasting?

A) Their 20-way tie for “Who Wore It Better? The Winter White edition”
B) They are raising their glasses to Brighton’s president and CEO, Tina Vonderhaar
C) These people are really, REALLY excited that their mice just won

6. What in the world is this?

A) This Brightonian was just asked to make the logo bigger
B) This is all that’s left of our competitors in the 2019 BizDash
C) It’s our unique way of welcoming partygoers to Brighton

7. Who is Zelda?

A) She’s new on Brighton’s ag team (she’s very leery of germs)
B) Our office mascot and creative inspiration. We take her to every meeting.
C) The Zufallig fortune teller (who sees the future, and tells us it’s very bright)


Think you know the answers? Check yourself against the answer key below.