Brighton Agency Announces 2020 Internship Program

Calling Graduating Seniors With a Passion for Marketing!

Nearly every graduating college senior shares a common goal: land that first job. Not just any job, but one that allows them to do meaningful work while also learning and growing, preferably in a culture that fits their personality. No small feat — especially given that the search for that first perfect job or internship is likely conducted while also gearing up for final exams and enjoying a busy and fun-but-stressful final semester.

At Brighton Agency, we value our summer interns as much as they value that all-important first step on their career path. Whether they join our creative, copywriting or account service teams, our interns can expect to:

  • Work on client and agency projects (i.e., “real” work!)
  • Enjoy and contribute to our culture (Spoiler alert: we work hard but we like to have fun, too. Check us out on Instagram!)
  • Team up with other Brighton interns on a portfolio project to help market a local nonprofit organization
  • Enjoy our favorite summertime perks, including BBQs on our patio during home Cardinals games, an annual all-agency winery outing, volunteer opportunities and summer Fridays (when we have the option to worker longer hours during the week, then start the weekend a little early), to name a few

Best of all, our internships have long-term potential — some of our favorite Brightonians got their start as interns. We asked several of them what they valued most from the Brighton internship experience.

“I started working on real-world client projects from Day 1. Working alongside seasoned veterans helped me learn skills I would only gain by doing. I learned more in my 10-week internship than an entire year in school. I learned that I really liked what I was doing and creating, and Brighton learned that I was a great fit for them as well. Fast forward 10 years or so, and I am an ACD at Brighton and still loving what I do.”

- Erin Stamm, Associate Creative Director (Brighton Creative Intern, 2010)“Still at Brighton five years later, you can imagine that my internship experience was as good as it gets. I got to take the lead with my fellow interns on a summer project. I nosed my way into doing campaign concepting for actual clients. And my intern coordinators brought us all around St. Louis — from hidden restaurants to hotspots like Forest Park. Over that summer, I learned to break the rules (creatively speaking), step out of my comfort zone and take a bold step into the advertising world that I’m still crazy about.”

- Ian Sullivan, Associate Creative Director (Brighton Copywriting Intern, 2015)“Working directly with a nonprofit was such a rewarding experience! I loved getting real-world experience that also gave back to the community (also, kolaches on our first day was a huge plus!).”

- Rachel Garozzo, Art Director (Brighton Creative Intern, 2017)“I learned a lot, both professionally and personally. Specific skills like email etiquette and the art of presenting, but also broader skills like how to work on a team and what areas of the business I’d like to explore.”

- Kalee Gottsacker, Associate Copywriter (Brighton Copywriting Intern, 2017)“Interning at Brighton gave me the opportunity to work across accounts and explore different roles and responsibilities. Brightonians offered ways to support my learning throughout the internship, and I knew they wanted me to succeed and grow. This still holds true after being hired on!”

- Jamie Gentges, Associate Account Executive (Brighton Account Management Intern, 2019)

Think you might be a fit or know someone who is? Please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to You can also apply online at