Stu Belshe

Director – Digital Experience

Stu manages and leads Brighton’s digital experience team with nearly two decades in digital design and development. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a B.A. in graphic design and was thrust into the adult world when he began working in motion graphics at the local NBC TV affiliate, then at a startup; he produced all print, digital and event collateral himself and had to quickly learn development skills to create custom websites. Stu then began his first tour at Brighton and worked his way up to Interactive Creative Director, collaborating with our development team on projects for Scottrade, Procter & Gamble and Monsanto. From there, he worked at Avnet consulting for brands like Harley-Davidson, Calvin Klein, Costco and TD Ameritrade, then at another startup before returning to Brighton to expand and refine our digital capabilities.

Stu loves motorcycles and classic wrestling, but he doesn’t fit the stereotypes; his passion for rebuilding old motorcycles comes from a deep interest in user experience, and his fascination with wrestling is focused on the business side and the old-school greats (Ric Flair, anyone?).


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