Serge Traylor

Account Director

Serge has a marketing background that includes both client-side and agency leadership roles, allowing him to translate client needs into effective strategy while meeting the creative opportunities of the brand. After graduating with a degree in advertising at Missouri State, Serge went into traveling sales before coming back to marketing in St. Louis with a few thousand extra miles on his car. He then led brand teams and in-store marketing within Energizer and kept going and going until he was in charge of all of U.S. brand communications. Since then, his experience has centered around the agriculture industry, working with DEKALB, Asgrow, USB, USSEC, Precision Planting, WestBred wheat, Dr. Naylor and Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. At Brighton, his 18 years of marketing experience and his entrepreneurial mindset drive results for our clients through an engaging leadership approach and a deep understanding of the client–agency relationship.

Named after an NHL legend, Serge is no stranger to having his name mispronounced (it’s a long “a” in the middle). But baseball is really his sport of choice; he’s seen every stadium in the country and even did a voice-over for the Cardinals, among other speaking gigs.


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