Grant Essig

Creative Director – Video

Grant Essig has learned that a good video team isn’t so different from a good band — both thrive on solid collaboration and just enough competitive energy to create heat. With a media communications degree from Webster University and a robust history in music, filmmaking and design, his experience spans over 20 years, starting from the time he taught himself graphic design through a roommate’s cracked version of Photoshop. Instrumental in building Brighton’s video team from the ground up, he serves now as creative director, overseeing all of our verticals and delivering seamless audiovisual experiences to clients like the Saint Louis Science Center, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, Centene and the agency’s pet care brands.

Grant feels right at home in the agriculture world, having grown up in a small farming town himself. But in the city of St. Louis, Grant is an experienced musician who plays in an “agency jam” charity band every year with fellow Brighton musicians Nate and Christian. He’s also an FAA-certified drone pilot and co-director of quirky short films with his kids.


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