Carrie Doza

Account Director

Since she was little, Carrie’s first passion has always been agriculture. She grew up surrounded by farmers and livestock, then earned a degree in general ag with minors in agricultural economics and animal sciences from the University of Missouri. Carrie began her career selling livestock feed directly to the farm, which gave her one-on-one relationships with farmers and continues to guide her strategy and management style today (that job also taught her an appreciation for good marketing). She has built over 20 years of experience in agriculture marketing and communications, including several years in the fertilizer and fertilizer efficiency market, where she gained a deep understanding of the distributor/retailer network and audience mindsets. These experiences led her to Brighton, where she currently co-manages the agriculture accounts team and executes marketing plans for Phibro Animal Health, Bayer Regional Brands, Willmar Fabrication, Horizon Ag and Deltapine.

As an agricultural aficionado, Carrie’s here to tell you that the real impact –and the real fun– of agriculture runs much deeper than the soil. Her family roots run deep as well; she lives right next door to her parents and her brother on her grandparents’ farm.


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