Brighton Agency

Jackie Minor

Director - Integrated Media

Always exploring. As a kid, it was the universe. Even went to Space Camp to learn the tricks of the trade. Instead, she set out for new worlds across the pond. Anywhere with a distinct culture and cuisine. From Paris to Italy, where she studied advertising. Here at home, adventure is in the simpler things, like breaking out a new recipe or the occasional DIY project. Favorite movie is: anything but the classics. Think Angels in the Outfield instead. When it comes to music, John Mayer's permanently queued up, though her dad instilled in her an encyclopedic knowledge of Lynyrd Skynyrd and REO Speedwagon. It all comes back to learning. Tuning in to podcasts about everything from neuroscience to biology and beyond. Asking the questions, searching for answers. Knowing the adventure is in between.


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