Brighton Agency

This is Brighton—Brightonia if you’re one of us.

Cool space? Check. Good food? Five stars. Creative vibe? You betcha! But all that is not what makes it Brightonia. What makes this place different from any other is our ideas. Smart ideas. Unexpected ideas. Engaging ideas. Ideas exchanged in brainstorming sessions and book clubs. Ideas that come from every corner without regard for title or department. Ideas that are insightful and playful. Ideas that move people so they understand differently, feel differently, act differently.

People’s ideas are our product, so we have good people — really good people. Like, multi-dimensional and driven but uncomfortable-when-described-that-way kind of people. People-that-you-want-to-be-around kind of people. People with a weakness for food and baseball, who see colleagues and clients as extended family. Because our work is way more than our business. It’s personal. It’s what connects us to each other. It’s what allows us to connect brands to their customers. And it’s what gives us the thrill of creating change.

This is Brighton, and we are Brightonians.


  • Our thinking is only as good as our understanding.
  • Smart strategies enable bold creative.
  • Today’s accomplishments are tomorrow’s starting line.
  • Relationships are as much about respect as they are collaboration.
  • A good environment inspires good ideas.
  • Ideas don’t care what department they’re in.

Join Us

We’re looking for Brightonians. People with major league skills, endless curiosity and the drive to make something great. People who don’t see the horizon as the finish line but as a starting point.

Did you read our Culture page and think, “Those are my people”? If so, get in touch. We want to talk to you. Check out our current openings for our immediate needs, or just tell us why you think Brighton is the right place for you.


Every year, Brighton selects a team of graduating seniors to participate in our Brighton Internship Program. Our interns are paid and given the opportunity to work on client projects, learn about all of the various disciplines at the agency and gain deeper skills in their field. Beyond the day-to-day client work, interns are also tasked to work as a team on a “summer project” and present it to the agency.