5th February '13

Welcome to Our New "Home" - A Note from Brighton's President and CEO

by Tina VonderHaar

For those of you who have packed and moved, whether it has been to an apartment, a house or even a dorm room, you understand how daunting a task it can be. Now imagine 60 people moving at the same time while they are in the midst of a multitude of time-sensitive client projects. The past couple of weeks have not been without a few bumps but I am happy to report that WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME!

While the move itself is never fun, planning for the move was exciting and working in our new space will be great. You may be asking, “Why go through all of this stress if only to find yourself less than two blocks from where you started?” There are many reasons for Brighton’s relocation, but the first is that we are in business to better serve our clients. Over the past few years, Brighton has expanded our capabilities and won new business. To accommodate that growth, we needed more people and a larger office that is conducive to our THINK, CREATE, ENGAGE philosophy.

Over the past few years, Brighton has evolved into an agency that has a stronger sense of identity. That identity centers on the ability to engage in meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients so that we can be part of an ongoing team that delivers results. This is sometimes advertising, sometimes communications, sometimes strategic marketing development and a whole host of other things you can conveniently find on our website. In this evolution, one thing is certain, we have become a destination point for our clients to be able to spend time and think with us about how we can work together to effect change. Our new space is set up on this very premise.  COME, THINK, STAY.

Beyond the general look and feel of our new space, you will also find that we have added a new capability that we are very excited about, as are our clients. Our new in-house video production and sound recording facilities enables us to bring the stories that clients want/need to tell to life in this amazing format. By keeping this in our building, we can better work with clients to deliver this service with ease and perfection.

Please come see us. We are proud of our new digs and happy when guests are here. It is a great environment to spend an afternoon or a day and the drinks are on us!


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