23rd January '13

Re-marketing. Is it right for your brand?

by Lizzy Martin

I had a serious Jimmy John’s craving for lunch yesterday. Conveniently, the freaky fast sub shop has a simple online order form which allows me to get it done in 5 minutes, with no misunderstandings over the phone. Just one day later, while searching online and reading news articles, I realize I’m being tracked down by Jimmy John’s with online ads.  The sad thing is it was working. I was definitely the target audience because my mouth was, again, watering for the Turkey Tom sub and salt & vinegar chips.

If you haven't figured it out already, this is what we search marketers call re-marketing. While I've heard from others this feature can seem a bit “creepy,” as you notice in the example above, it seems to do its job.

The purpose of re-marketing is to help businesses advertise to people who have once visited the site and shown interest but maybe have not yet converted. This increases a brand's effectiveness by saving advertising costs and increasing return on investment. If your strategy includes increasing awareness of your brand, re-marketing will also aide in improving website traffic. From this description we realize that re-marketing is not necessarily perfect for every brand. In my opinion, Jimmy John's could have held back a bit on the ad targeting. After all, I did make a purchase, give me a break! I'd recommend a change to their re-marketing plan by only targeting those who visit the online order form and fail to follow through with an order. Make sense?

That being said, let's take a look at a brand that is using re-marketing to the best of its ability, with an impressive strategy in mind.

ModCloth - An online store for women's vintage clothing and accessories


(1) Shopper wanders through the online store.

(2) Shopper chooses a pair of earrings and sends earrings to the shopping cart.

(3) Shopper gets distracted (blame it on the YouTube cats) and forgets about the adorable earrings.

(4) Shopper is browsing online and sees ModCloth's personalized ad. Not to mention, this ad also includes a photo of the earrings the user put into his or her shopping cart.

Not only did ModCloth's online marketer target the correct visitors at the correct time, ads were modified to represent the users' personal ModCloth picks. Personalizing ads will grab the users' attention at an even higher rate than a generic ad. This type of online marketing is impressive and convenient for the shoppers who are reminded to purchase the items once forgotten. Props to ModCloth!

If you're interested in re-marketing, Brighton offers this capability within our interactive department. If you have any questions, let us know! The online marketing team is here to help.


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