26th February '13

Now THAT’s Crazy.

by Leanne Watkins

As professionals in the marketing and advertising industry, we sometimes get wedged into jobs that aren’t necessarily our normal, everyday tasks. Would you ever guess, on a Thursday afternoon, that you’d turn the corner at Brighton to find a few of us cutting 5,000 balloon strings? We didn’t either, but we took on the task to get the job done.

Here at Brighton, we have more than one crazy story to share with you. So, we took this chance to hear from other Brightonians by asking them to tell us all the crazy things they have done for clients …that most people would never think of when “signing up” for a career in marketing.

I have a few experiences to share of my own too. From collating sheets, 3-hole punching and assembling binders late into the night in my hotel room, the night before a tradeshow to getting attacked by gnats in a Georgia cotton field, while helping my client enter notes into his iPad, as he inspected the performance of experimental varieties, I’ve done my fair share of unexpected tasks. And I’ll continue to do more. One of my most memorable moments was ending a southern field trip with a feral hog shoot out, equipped with night vision scopes, and taking aim 100+ yards away! Feral hogs are extremely destructive to crops and I’m proud to say I helped fight the good fight.

Have fun reading and feel free to share your own! We’d love to hear.

Heidi Miget: “I once spent 2-3 days unscrewing mini flashlights and removing a sticker from the battery and then screwing them back together so that the flashlights would work right away when people got them.”

Ellen Ariston: “Took the plastic off of 4,000 pens at a tradeshow so each pen would be ready to use asap, worked “security” at a tradeshow reception by not allowing partygoers into the room before a set time and sledding in the boss’s backyard!”

Megan Kimball: First week at Brighton – Had to search for large breed puppies online and get them in town in 3 days for a photo shoot. “Who would have thought my second week of working in the sexy, exciting field of advertising would mean me on my hands and knees cleaning up after puppies. Oh, memories! ”

Travis Coffman: “After a few short weeks at my first job, my boss had me emptying viles of fertilizer additives. Due to moisture and compaction, this required paperclips, screw drivers and about a week’s worth of effort. After it was all said and done, I had put blood, sweat but no tears into the project. Little did I know a marketing job would require those things so quickly.”

Amanda Miller: “Hot glue gunned 200 bows onto invites, learned to weld …never thought I would learn to weld as an account manager!”

Heather Bowman: “Working a massive conference and tradeshow for General Mills & Curves. They were collaborating on protein bars, cereals, etc. We were serving 5,000 people the new cereal on the first day to kick off the entire event. We had ordered 5,000 maximizer branded trays to hold the bowls. When I went to check on the delivery the morning before the conference, the vendor had shipped all 5,000 cardboard trays unassembled and without the branding! So I had to print 5,000 stickers with the logos and assemble 5,000 trays and add the stickers BY MYSELF! Needless to say, I did not sleep for 36 hours to get them done!”


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