21st February '12

Meet the Newest Brightonian... 'Some Sort of Video/Graphics/Audio Guy'

by Katie Ingold

Introducing Grant Essig!

Current role at Brighton?  Multimedia Director.

What does this role entail?

I’m some sort of video/graphics/audio guy…a little hard to categorize. I’ve been working as a freelancer with Brighton on all sorts of video-related projects for the last year, animating fun stuff like carrots and writing songs about them, shooting and editing farmers, and whatever else has needed to get done. I look forward to doing more of that, because it seems like it’s always something new.

Your favorite thing about working at Brighton?

So far, that coffeemaker is pretty awesome. I should probably mention that everyone has been really nice, too—no one has spit on me or anything, so that’s really awesome. We’ll see how that goes once they realize I’m the one who’s always making a racket back in the corner. Speaking of which, I’m currently shopping for a tuba, so if anyone can help, let me know! Grandpa always told me that there are two kinds of men: men who own a tuba and men who have friends. I’m out to destroy that old adage. Wow…I have really gotten off track here. Sorry.

What was your first week working at Brighton like?

Well, since I went from working at home to coming into an office every day, it has been a change, to say the least. Pants seem to be required here. Otherwise, though, I’m little-by-little trying to meet people, and perhaps actually get some legitimate work done! I have also dedicated a lot of time to organizing my pen cup.

Any funny Brighton stories?

Before I started officially working here, I was trapped in the parking garage after more than one visit because I don’t ever carry any cash on me. They will NOT let you leave without paying in cash, and they are not messing around.

Anything else you would like to add?

I live in the Tower Grove area with my wife, Lauren, and my son, Anderson. He’s two, and just starting to pick up bad words. We also have two cats. Actually, they’re mountain lions with racing stripes and chainsaws instead of front paws.

Okay, they’re just regular cats. No chainsaws or anything. They say mountain lions don’t get along well with little kids. Oh, yeah, and I didn’t actually organize my pen cup at all yet. They’re just tossed in there all willy-nilly right now and it’s slowly eating away at me.


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