8th January '13

Help I Have the Flu – New App Helps Identify Flu Carriers

by Kelly Strecker

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Help Remedies, an over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare company dedicated to providing consumers with basic medications, and Tool of North American have developed an app for Facebook. Help I Have the Flu analyzes your friends through their keywords, posts and check-ins to determine who could be the flu culprit. Once you have this vital piece of information, you can track them down to let them know the damage they have or might bestowed on you. This app also allows you to message the friend directly and send them your thoughts! (If I find out a friend gave me the flu, my message might not be so “friendly…”)

After seeing this app, I wanted to learn more about Help Remedies as a whole. I researched their brand, the company’s values and their product line. I’m very impressed with them and their outlook on the OTC industry.

Help Remedies does an excellent job of highlighting the current trends of other OTC companies, while explaining why and how they are starkly different. They boast something that no other healthcare company is promoting – they are promising less. What does this entail? In short, they are promising the very basic level of medication – no added ingredients to help with other ailments, no dyes, less waste, environmentally friendly packaging and my personal favorite, less confusion. In order to be more transparent, their product line is named for a specific symptom (e.g. Help I Can’t Sleep). This way, consumers can identify exactly what medication they need instead of being confused by a brand name.

In addition, Help Remedies gives 5% of their profits to organizations that work to ensure US children without healthcare can gain access to this basic medical care.

I’m very appreciative of their brand attitude – Help Remedies is what it is. The company is straightforward with what they offer. Their products aren’t shiny and new; just a fresh take on the OTC market. I really like what this company stands for and I am excited to see what they come up with next! “Help – I have a St. Louis Cardinals Addiction” could be on the horizon.  (April 8 is only three short months away!!)


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