10th April '12

Did We Mention Brighton Is Growing? Like a Weed!

by Katie Ingold

To assist with our growing client needs within our creative department, Brighton welcomes Kris Ahlemeyer and Lisa Wentzel, who will focus on our agriculture business.

Meet Kris Ahlemeyer!

What is your current role at Brighton? Production Manager

What does this role entail? As a production manager I oversee trafficking, scheduling, purchasing, and vendor negotiations while supervising creative and print production.

Can you share a “fun fact” about yourself? I live for my weekly American Idol parties—good food, great friends, a couple of adult beverages… (Vote for Philip Phillips!) So as not to be interpreted as a total loser, I should mention that I also volunteer at St Louis Children’s Hospital. I love my kids!

Where do you currently reside? I live in South County and have two adult children, one grandson and one on the way.


Meet Lisa Wentzel!

What is your current role at Brighton? Project Coordinator

What does this role entail? Whatever is needed to get a job done! I’m a jack of all trades.

Do you have any hobbies? I love to shop at antique malls and dabble in jewelry-making. I love to collect old postcards, mostly seasonal ones, because the artwork and detail of the designs are amazing. I have some that were mailed in the early 1900s and still have the stamps on them.

Where do you currently reside? I live in South County with my husband and two sons, Eric and Matt, both in college at UMSL. My stepson, daughter-in-law and two adorable grandsons live in Virginia. And, after years of having a multitude of pets ranging from fish, birds, lizards, gerbils and dogs, we are currently pet-less!


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