26th July '11

A Day in the Life of a Media Specialist

by Leon Halbert

As Brighton’s media specialist, I plan and purchase traditional media and interactive banners. I act as an agent for our clients, dealing with media representatives. I plan out the best course of action, negotiate costs, and look at quantity and scheduling for media purchases. I consistently communicate with our clients, account executives and creative department to recommend media direction and strategy.

The vast majority of my time is spent putting together media plans that effectively and efficiently reach our clients’ communication goals. There is no cookie-cutter approach to planning as there are many options available depending on each campaign’s budget and overall objectives. What I love about media planning is that each new assignment or campaign opens the door for new opportunities.

Recently, I helped generate a unique partnership between Monsanto and The Weather Channel. As a result of the connection, the two entities worked to create a lifestyle channel within the weather.com website dedicated to farmers. Dubbed “Farmer’s Forecast,” the innovative space filled a void for the livelihood. The partnership was a win-win opportunity, allowing both Monsanto and The Weather Channel to gain real-time insights about the agriculture community.

Projects like these keep me continually invested in learning, keeping an open mind and staying on the lookout for new opportunities.


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