Brighton Agency Blog

26th February '13

Now THAT’s Crazy.

Leanne Watkins

As professionals in the marketing and advertising industry, we sometimes get wedged into jobs that aren’t necessarily our normal, everyday tasks. Would you ever guess, on a Thursday afternoon, that you’d turn the corner at Brighton to find a few of us cutting 5,000 balloon strings? We didn’t either, but we took on the task to get the job done.

19th February '13

A Warm Welcome to...

Lizzy Martin

After the big move, we welcomed a new talented Brightonian to the team. Alex Bates is a St. Louis native. Her love for the city is reflected in her personal blog, Get to know Alex and why she sparked our interest!

12th February '13

Super Bowl Ads of 2013 – Overall, Hit or Miss?

David Molho

Most people evaluate Super Bowl ads based on whether or not the ad made them laugh. Ad Age claims the intent of the advertiser is to delight you. But at a cost of five or six million dollars, once you add in production costs, these ads should do a little more than delight you. They ought to motivate you to DO something. Of course, the advertiser hopes that for all the money spent, you’ll be motivated to eventually buy the product.

Let’s evaluate the spots based on what you think your cube-mate would do after seeing one of these ads.

5th February '13

Welcome to Our New "Home" - A Note from Brighton's President and CEO

Tina VonderHaar

For those of you who have packed and moved, whether it has been to an apartment, a house or even a dorm room, you understand how daunting a task it can be. Now imagine 60 people moving at the same time while they are in the midst of a multitude of time-sensitive client projects. The past couple of weeks have not been without a few bumps but I am happy to report that WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME!

While the move itself is never fun, planning for the move was exciting and working in our new space will be great. You may be asking, “Why go through all of this stress if only to find yourself less than two blocks from where you started?” There are many reasons for Brighton’s relocation, but the first is that we are in business to better serve our clients. Over the past few years, Brighton has expanded our capabilities and won new business. To accommodate that growth, we needed more people and a larger office that is conducive to our THINK, CREATE, ENGAGE philosophy.