Brighton Agency Blog

31st July '12

You CAN Have It All …With a few Steps along the Way

Becky Krueger

Growing up, I never questioned the idea that I could have it all – a satisfying career, a wonderful family and a gigantic closet full of clothes.   It wasn’t until I had most of those things (I’m still waiting for the gigantic closet), that I realized how difficult it is to stay sane!

24th July '12

Meet Brighton's New PR Account Executive!

Katie Ingold

This week we introduce you to the newest Brightonian, Becky Krueger! With over 10 years’ experience creating public relations and marketing campaigns for pet-related organizations, Becky is a great asset to the Brighton Pet Care team. Read on to learn more about Becky and her role at the agency.

17th July '12

Everything Changes [Insert song lyrics here…]

Stephanie Bishop

Within the last week all three major social media networks announced some sort of change to their platforms – I’m talking about Facebook’s Group announcement, Twitter’s Search announcement and LinkedIn’s upgrade announcement. So what’s the deal? Read on to find out!

10th July '12

Brighton: One of the most pleasant well-oiled machines on earth

Allison McFarland

I’m sitting here trying to think of how to tell you what I feel about Brighton and my time here so far. All I can think of is, “Brighton is awesome.” Not the most eloquent statement, but a truthful one.