Brighton Agency Blog

24th April '12

Brighton's New Addition to the Pet Care Team

Katie Ingold

This week we introduce you to the newest member of the Pet Care team at Brighton, Brian Hopson! Read on to learn more about Brian and his role at the agency.

17th April '12

Timing is everything

Mary Beth Portuese

It’s all about timing. The right timing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my career—and my life—it’s that the proper timing of anything is crucial. In our business, that can mean anything from knowing the right time to speak in a meeting to knowing the best time to reach out to customers (and the times when silence is a better option). Or realizing that sometimes, the time to “do something” is never.

10th April '12

Did We Mention Brighton Is Growing? Like a Weed!

Katie Ingold

To assist with our growing client needs within our creative department, Brighton welcomes Kris Ahlemeyer and Lisa Wentzel, who will focus on our agriculture business.

3rd April '12

Who clicks on those PPC ads anyway? You do!

Lizzy Martin

As a young professional with the vague title of Online Marketing Coordinator, I’m often asked what I actually do every day at work. We all know nowadays that there are vast online marketing duties within the marketing industry. Having this career requires immense explanation, not only to clarify the type of work we do but also to ensure people recognize the importance of it.