Brighton Agency Blog

27th March '12

Brighton's Growing! Right Before Your Eyes

Katie Ingold

Our Ag team is growing! Brighton has welcomed a number of new members to our agricultural team to assist with our expanding work load. We are thrilled to introduce you to these new team members whose wide variety of skills both inside and outside of the workplace include everything from rock climbing to house restoration. Here at Brighton, we like to keep busy!

20th March '12

Testing: Are You Paying Attention?

Heidi Miget

Within a few hours of turning on my computer each day, I have checked about 100 emails from two accounts, logged into Facebook and Twitter, sifted through a few search results and have read some news articles and blogs. Within seconds I’m making decisions to open/delete, click/not click, share/not share or read/ignore. Sound familiar?

13th March '12

The New Girl (Not Starring Zooey Deschanel)

Melanie Moriarty

One Thursday afternoon, I accidentally dialed the wrong number at work. This may not seem like cause for commotion, but let me explain: The number happened to be one that calls every phone in the entire agency over an office-wide intercom system. After a few seconds of listening to my confused laughter echo throughout the tenth floor, I finally managed to hang up.

6th March '12

Best Part About Brighton? The People!

Katie Ingold

We love sharing about new Brightonians! On opposite sides of our building, Jerry is the newest Interactive Director, while Kate was brought on as an Assistant Account Executive. Get to know these two!