Brighton Agency Blog

31st January '12

Don’t Cut Your Relationships Short

Megan Kimball

When you spot a trendy hair style, the first question you always want to ask is, “Who cuts your hair?” For years, I firmly held the quirky belief that no one hair stylist could give me the fresh, new look I wanted each time I went in for a trim. I soon developed what I call the “Kimball Hair Theory.”

24th January '12

Five Excellent Reasons Why Email Marketing Works

Clara Freeman

In case you didn’t know, email marketing is kind of our thing at Brighton (well, one of our things). We have an awesome interactive department filled with brilliant minds who implement tailored email marketing strategies and messages.

20th January '12

"Love What You Do, Do What You Love"

Tina VonderHaar

The title of this post is a quotation that appeared on the page of my “inspirational” daily calendar a few days ago. Interesting! How many people can actually say this is the case in their own lives? I can. Honestly…I can. I consider myself very lucky. The question is, can you?

17th January '12

Brighton Introduces New Hires

Katie Ingold

Among the holiday season, Brighton has welcomed new members to the team! Below we introduce you to Troy Jones, Andi Garavaglia, Robb Blackwell and Melanie Moriarty, who now work in a variety of our departments.