Brighton Agency Blog

26th October '11

Multi-channel Marketing Saves The Day

Lauren Hankins

I recently received an email notification indicating that I’d made a purchase at First item purchased: a sporty shirred swim skirt, size XL. Wait! 

18th October '11

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants: Where do you stand?

Katie Ingold

As both a full-time Brightonian and graduate student at St. Louis University, I am constantly finding parallels between my workplace and academic life. My Contemporary Issues in Media class recently reviewed the essay “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky, which sparked my interest and made me contemplate the ways I interact as a digitally savvy twentysomething.

11th October '11

Brighton's Growing!

Rich LaBonte

There’s a few ways to grow a business, with organic growth being the method that just feels right.  Brighton’s addition of in-house audio and video production has led us to an organic expansion within our current office space, that now has us taking over the entire 10th floor of Bemiston Tower in Clayton (if you’re looking for the lawyers in Suite 1070, sorry they’ve moved).

4th October '11

Sports and Social Media—Win, Win!

Stephanie Bishop

Let me start off by saying that if you know me, you know that I’m passionate about sports–playing and watching. I’m more likely to cry at a sporting event than at a wedding, unless I find out there’s no open bar at the reception.