Brighton Agency Blog

27th September '11

Harvest Musings

Scott McClure

I was sitting outside a few weeks ago when the temperatures were in the mid-70s, despite the calendar noting that we were in the ides of August. The mild weather reminded me that in only a few weeks farmers will begin earnestly gathering the fruits of their labor.

20th September '11

The Bad Pitch Breakdown

Jazzy Loyal

Positive editorial coverage is invaluable, as it’s essentially an unpaid endorsement of your product by a print, television, radio, or online media outlet. One part of a public relations professional’s job is providing information about a client’s products to reporters who might be able to use it to create compelling stories. And it all starts with a pitch.

13th September '11

Google’s Expanded Sitelinks: Good or Bad Update?

Heidi Miget

In mid-August, Google made a significant update to their search engine results pages (SERPs) when they introduced expanded sitelinks. Previously, sitelinks were a list of popular pages found within that website – a helpful display which allowed the user to get to a particular site destination more quickly.

6th September '11

Brighton Introduces New Hires

Katie Ingold

Within our internship program, Brighton has announced the hiring of Lizzy Martin as part of the Interactive department and Courtney Schmiemeier as part of the Pet Care team.  Hear how the previous interns have enjoyed their time here at Brighton and what makes them eager to stay!