Brighton Agency Blog

30th March '10

Confessions of a FarmVille Junkie

Scott McClure

My name is Scott and I am addicted to FarmVille. So is my wife (addicted to FarmVille, not named Scott too. That would be weird.)  So are many of my friends (same disclaimer as before).

How did we get hooked? I mean, we are all respected industry professionals with careers and family, with LIVES. But yet each evening, we rush home to see if our crops are ready to harvest, if we’ve received any gifts, or if our neighbors have helped by fertilizing our crops or feeding our chickens.

26th March '10

We are strong. We are invincible. We are Brighton.

Megan Reeg

It’s been a good month for Brightonian women.

Our agency was recently certified as an official Women-owned Business Enterprise by the State of Missouri’s Office of Supplier and Workforce Diversity. As a bona fide WBE, Brighton is eligible for benefits such as supportive services, technical and non-technical assistance, and the opportunity to better access state-aid contracting programs.

24th March '10

Landing an Internship Series

Amanda Hassler

Calling all college students! You’ve heard it before – in today’s professional marketplace, experience is critical in cultivating a successful marketing career. But we all have to start somewhere; and for you that probably means a summer internship.

18th March '10

Advice for Job Hunters

Tina VonderHaar

With so many people hunting for a new job today, it seems like hiring people should be easy.  Actually, this is one of the most difficult activities in my day.  Being that we, at Brighton, are in the service industry, we don’t have a product to sell.  The people who work here are our product.  We are only as good as the people we hire…and I’m happy to say…we hire great people.  But this is not without the daily effort of searching for the needles in the haystack.