Brighton Agency Blog

23rd February '10

A New Season of Opportunities

Scott McClure

Even with dots of snow stubbornly clinging to the lawn outside, the generally warmer temps and falling liquid rather than frozen precipitation today reminds me that another more pleasant season approaches. As someone who has worked with agriculture for almost 30 years, it’s a time of building excitement and anticipation. The slate from the previous season is wiped clean and new opportunities and challenges loom. What the season holds, no one knows. And that’s part of the allure.

11th February '10

Informational Emails: What FORM of E-mail Should You Send?

Regina Serrambana

This question may not be top-of-mind when an organization quickly moves to email as a way of keeping in touch with their clients or membership. With growing concern over our environment and the economy applying increasing pressure to reduce business budgets, “E-news” is becoming a quick-fix for many organizations.  It is replacing conventionally-printed and mailed newsletters, updates and alerts at a fast-pace across all types of businesses.

2nd February '10

Social Media – Not Always the Answer?

Heidi Miget

As the Online Marketing Manager here, I spend my days talking, reading, teaching and applying social media strategies to our client work on a daily basis.  This, of course, means I am a huge advocate and believer of this powerful medium.  I will say most of the time it does seem to be the answer for the clients we work with in some capacity.  Now, of course when I say “answer” I don’t mean a magical solution to all problems where all other marketing campaigns can disappear, but more of an extension that supports various marketing efforts and creates a voice for a brand online.