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26th January '10

Cellular Advertising Gets Serious in 2010

Caroline Brand

Let me begin by introducing myself, seeing as I am a relatively new addition to the Brighton team here. My name is Caroline, I’m a senior at Saint Louis University studying Marketing and Communications, and I have just recently begun my work as Brighton’s new Online Marketing intern.  (Mouthful, I know…)

So at this point you are probably wondering, “What does a not-yet-graduated, twenty-something-year-old intern have to share with me that might be worth half my time?”  Well, I’m not guaranteeing anything, but I thought you might enjoy a little insight into an area which my generation does seem to have a bit of expertise in—a social phenomenon we like to call the cell phone.

19th January '10

Critiquing the McGwire Media Blitz

Colin Pennington

I think it’s safe to say that few were shocked when Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids.  Regardless of whether you choose to believe him, not to believe him, or simply don’t care, there are some obvious PR moves that worked to his advantage and others that didn’t.

12th January '10

Digsby –Your One Stop Source for Social Integration?

Stephanie Bishop

A few weeks ago, you might recall my post asking the question, “How do you manage your social networks?” You may also recall that I was testing out both Brizzly and Digsby, two social media and networking applications that integrate various social media accounts.