Brighton Agency Blog

22nd December '09

Welcome to the Brighton Blog!

Tina VonderHaar

Welcome to the new Brighton blog.  After months of preparation, we are excited to launch this blog and give you an insight to how we think, create and engage audiences.  This is a company blog, open to anyone in Brighton, so you will see posts from all disciplines of the work we do.  We plan on updating it at least once a week, so check back often to see what we are thinking! Now onto my first blog post…

21st December '09

Type as Design

Jessica Temming

I can’t help but notice the growing trend of advertisers truly pushing type in bold and creative ways ... merging type and design as one … pushing creativity to a new level.  It is also fun to see advertisers merge products/services with the message all in one cohesive image, allowing for a much bolder and effective brand message. Advertisers no longer have to write a story to convey a message; a picture, as the adage goes, is worth 1000 words.

21st December '09

SEM? PPC? SEO? What does it all mean and why should I care?

Heidi Miget

With some of the fastest growing advertising real estate, the Web has become the new outlet for marketers and advertisers to reach target audiences and drive measurable results. But if you’re not in the business everyday, Internet marketing can be a virtual alphabet soup of acronyms.

7th December '09

10 Sites for Web Design Ideas and Inspiration

Stu Belshe

No matter how many sites you have or haven’t designed, it’s never too late to learn something new. Almost every day it seems as though at least one person I follow on Twitter posts a topic that I wouldn’t mind learning more about. Coincidentally, 10 minutes later, it’s even something I think of while designing. From front-end development best practices to upcoming and more progressive trends, there aren’t enough hours in the day to parse through all the relevant and useful sites available. Below you’ll find a list of 10 sites that I check on a regular basis for new articles and ideas. I either follow them on Twitter, track their RSS, or, in most cases, both.